A Custom Frame and Fork starts at $1350,
powdercoated your favorite of over 200 stock colors.

Cargo Frames start at $1950 for mixte style.


Stems start at $160

Custom Forks start at $235

Frame Options

Lugged or Fillet Brazed

S&S; Torque Couplings

Custom Seat Stays
All Braze-ons
Any Frame Type or Size
Tubing upgrades include:

True Temper OX Platinum

Superlight S3

Columbus Life, Zona, and UltraFoco

Choose wet paint if you want the best looking finish for your bicycle. Carefully hand applied, this is the traditional method of painting. Decals are incorporated under a protective clear coat.

Choose powder coat if you want a hard, durable finish. In powder coating, electrically charged particles of colored plastic are baked onto a metal surface. The application of powder cannot be readily controlled, and it doesn't have the consistency and depth of traditional paint. Decals are applied on top of the finished powder coat.





Frame Repair Services, not limited to:

Alignment of Frame and Fork

Reaming and Facing

Thread Repair and Restoration

Adding Braze-ons

Moving brake atachment points

Tube Replacement

Dropout Replacement

Welding and Brazing

To Order :
La Suprema Bicyles are custom made one at a time. A wait of several months is normal. To reserve your frame number; deliver a $500 deposit via Check by mail, or Cash in person. Or send PayPal to Ed8it@aol.com

Each frame includes a body measurement, fitting, and detailed rider interview.
Typical frame sizing is also available.

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