The book
is an extension of the eye.
Clothing, an extension of the skin.
Electric circuitry,
an extension of the central nervous system.

-Marshall McLuhan

A Social History of the Bicycle
Smith , Robert A. American Heritage Press, 1972
ISBN 0-07-058457-5
The Bicycle's impact on life in America. The bicycle incited women to wear pants, preachers to scorn, cities to pave roads. Long out of print, discarded by libraries, and worth the price if you can find it.

The Bicycle Wheel
Brandt, Jobst
Avocet INC, 1981
ISBN 0-9607236-0-9
A technical book by mechanical engineer Jobst Brandt. Covers theory of spoked wheels, building and repairing wheels, equations and tests. Back in print.

The Custom Bicycle
Kolin, Michael J. and de la Rosa, Denise M.
Rodale Press
1979 ISBN 0-87857-255-4
Various frame-building methods and frame builders of the 70's. Casual reading.

Bicycling Science
Wilson, David Gordon
The MIT Press, 2004
ISBN 0-262-73154-1
Bicycle physics, aerodynamics, power & speed, rolling, steering and balancing, power transmission, materials and stress.

Bicycles & Tricycles, a classic treatise on their design and construction.
Sharp, Archibald
Dover Publications, 2003
An unabridged reproduction of the original 1896 publication. The invention of the modern bicycle by Archibald Sharp, mechanical engineer (1862-1934). Disc wheels, full suspension, tubeless tires, the elliptical chain wheel, and many more inventions of the late 1800's are discussed in depth.

Glenn's Complete Bicycle Manual
Coles, Clarence W. and Glenn, Harold T.
Crown Publishers, 1973
ISBN 0-517-500930
How to repair and maintain just about every bicycle made before 1973. The chapters on rear hubs are especially useful. Details fixed wheel, Bendix, Komet, Torpedo, New Departure, 3.3.3, Bendix 2 speed, Sturmey Archer 3 speed, and others.

The American Bicycle
Piedmore, Jay and Hurd, Jim
Motorbooks International, 1995
A history of American Bicycles in glossy photos and easy reading text.

The wheel
is an extension of the foot...